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We can fix it fast

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Technology is evolving massively over the past few decades. None of us can deny the stressful life we are enjoying, there is so much hustle bustle around that person cannot spare out time for themselves. Likewise, undoubtedly mobile phone is a significant part of our life; people cannot imagine their life without it. But considering its consumption in our daily life, you often get to visit a mobile repair shop; after all, it is a machine!  But what if you are too busy working that can’t forbear time for the mobile repair? Don’t worry; Tecnophone repairing has got your back, a company that is aware of your hectic schedule, and the worth of a mobile phone in your life. The mobile phone repair is utterly a click away; follow its five steps for within 24 hours phone repair services.

  1. First and foremost, opt for the mobile you’re willing to repair, and the possible issue with it, from the list featured in the mail.
  2. Soon after, the company receives your complaint; the company ships you a box containing a prepaid shipping label.
  3. After collecting the box from the company, simply place your phone inside the box and paste the prepaid label on it.
  4. The team of experts at Tecnophonethen fixes the device and test it to cross-check the proper functioning of the device.
  5. The story makes no end here! Tecnophoneunderstands that you get restricted without a smartphone; therefore, we try our utmost to repair and deliver your phone back on the same day, assuring the same day delivery by Tecnophone,mobile repairing is a piece of cake now.

Default Security Codes

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Security codes are used for different functions say for instance to unlock your keypad or while rebooting ie switching on you phone or to restore the phone to its original factory settings etc. It is sometimes also needed when you want to perform a soft-reset or reset your phone to its original factory settings.

We on our part would advise you to always change these factory set codes for your own security to protect all your data and information, but also remind you to remember this code and do not forget it. If it so happens and you type a wrong code then the phone gets locked and you may need professional help to get it unlocked and restarted again.

These are factory set codes which will always work. We have listed more than one code for some so try any one of these and we assure you they will help you out.



NOKIA :  12345


SAMSUNG :  0000  (4 times zero)   or

000000 (6 times zero)  or

00000000 ( 8 times zero)


CHINA MOBILES / CHINESE BRANDS:  0000   or  1122   or  1234


OF CELLPHONES (SONY, LG, MOTOROLA, ETC):      0000   or  1234


LAVA                           :      4321

How To Repair A Water Damaged Smartphone

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Due to forgetfulness or mere negligence you might have dropped your expensive smartphone be it an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy or an Xperia or a Blackberry or even a very dear less expensive phone in a bath tub or left it in your pocket and sent it for washing in a washing machine or in a hurry you might have dropped it in a toilet, the chances are that you may lose your precious data which you may not have backed up due to which you could be stressed up.

So here are the steps to make your smartphone work all again:


Remove the battery immediately: If ever a phone has been wet we and our impatient mind have a tendency to restart it to see whether it works again or restarts, just bear it in mind that you never, never, never do this because it may severely damage the circuit and it may set you back monetarily. Just let it stay off and the first and foremost step is to take out or detach the battery from the phone. No power no harm to your equipment. It is also better to remove the SIM card/s from your handset, so that the SIM stored contacts are intact. A tip for some law abiding citizen is that remember even if your phone is insured, there may be a clause or even in fine print that the insurance does not cover a wet handset. So the next step is to dry your phone all by yourself.

Open and dry the entire stuff: So the next step is to dry your smartphone all by yourself. Remove the front and back covers of the phone and blow warm air from your hairdryer and in a sweeping motion all over your phone in such a manner that you work on the places where you may think water droplets may have clogged for e.g. between clustered parts, mic, charging point, etc. After you feel assured that water may have dried completely then you can again assemble and carefully switch on the handset. Remember to use your dryer on a warm setting. Do not use it on hot or else you may damage or melt any internal plastic parts. You can also dry all the stuff over a heater or in direct sunlight.

Using an air compressor: Blow medium air into the phone to blow dry any water out of your phone for this purpose it need not be necessary to use an air compressor you may use the blower of your domestic vacuum cleaner also. After this you can carefully switch on the handset.

Other Conventional method: You can also completely cover your handset with raw and uncooked rice for sometime say about six to eight hours with patience so that water is absorbed completely by this method. Instead of rice, silica granules are also another effective solution for drying water from your phone. But this is not feasible if your handset was completely soaked or drenched in water or water-logged.