Default Security Codes

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Security codes are used for different functions say for instance to unlock your keypad or while rebooting ie switching on you phone or to restore the phone to its original factory settings etc. It is sometimes also needed when you want to perform a soft-reset or reset your phone to its original factory settings.

We on our part would advise you to always change these factory set codes for your own security to protect all your data and information, but also remind you to remember this code and do not forget it. If it so happens and you type a wrong code then the phone gets locked and you may need professional help to get it unlocked and restarted again.

These are factory set codes which will always work. We have listed more than one code for some so try any one of these and we assure you they will help you out.



NOKIA :  12345


SAMSUNG :  0000  (4 times zero)   or

000000 (6 times zero)  or

00000000 ( 8 times zero)


CHINA MOBILES / CHINESE BRANDS:  0000   or  1122   or  1234


OF CELLPHONES (SONY, LG, MOTOROLA, ETC):      0000   or  1234


LAVA                           :      4321

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